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    Opening a Portal in TN

    People need to leave stuff alone.
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    Cryptids in Southern Illinois?

    I feel like there some type of cryptid just about everywhere.
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    Giant spotted in Mexico?

    Whoa! Look at that thing!
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    Free Haunted House in Louisiana

    You know i feel like we should stop being afraid of the unknown and embrace it.
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    Yes? No?

    Yes watermelon with salt is very good
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    Teaching Dog to Drive

    Goodness gracious!
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    Now it's raining fish....

    Very strange
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    Ken Osmond

    Wow we are losing so many greats. Rip
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    Spinning UFO over McDonalds

    What in the world is that? An was this recorded in rural new mexico?. It had to have been near a hot UFO spot...
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    UFO related links for you

    Thank you for the info will read the links
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    Space Force flag

    This is awesome an yet it seems like they could have been less lazy with the design.
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    Alledged encounter with Virgin Mary

    I feel like this could be alien manipulation. Or maybe its just god using religious figures to help give these people comfort during pandemic.
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    Robot dog on patrol!

    Scary that thing might have lasers!
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    Giant Lizards and Roos in Ancient Australia

    I'm sure the oboriginals have ancient stories about that.
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    Buddhist Exorcism for $97

    Whoa. What a load of bull ...those* types of services should be free..
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    Rome Sink Hole Reveals Stones from 27BC

    There's alot of ancient history burried beneath the earth... Just waiting to be discovered.
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    A Haunted Book?

    Though I am abit curious an like haunted stuff i wouldnt mind reading maybe a chapter or two just to see what would happen.
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    Two Thousand Year Old Sapphire Ring

    Whoa! That ring is something else.!
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    Giant Insect Fossil Found in Utah

    It looks like a moth.
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    Whatcha cookin'?

    Swai* fish with rice an coleslaw.