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  1. Donna K.


    Idiots. lolololol
  2. Donna K.


    Following the conversation between you and Witch and Shaman for awhile and I'm going to have to join you - I say I'm not an empath nor empathic... but I absolutely bond with animals (and trees lol) If an animal is in pain I will feel it - if it is a domestic animal it's worse. This area is...
  3. Donna K.


    ahhhh... what a face!
  4. Donna K.

    Never Used

    Well, I'm here to tell you (might as well make yourself comfortable - lolol) - A Calculus class that actually is a requisite for Engineering - has held me up for 3, yes count'em again THREE years from finishing the 12 credit hours I need to get my BS in Business. I have taken it FOUR times in 3...
  5. Donna K.

    Pet Peeves

    My #1reason for NOT remarrying... the clicker #2 - Laundry #3 - Having to keep a schedule of ANY kind #4,5,6,-100 - The clicker
  6. Donna K.


    The "projected date" is always Dec. 15 - I haven't met that date... hmmmm... maybe ever. :rolleyes: Every year since the kids flew and the grandkid's grew I have told myself I would just get a little tree 'this time' ... I mean it's just me. It would look pretty over on the end table... Way...
  7. Donna K.

    11-16-2020 Monday Live Chat

    Music, Music, Music... and stupid stuff... AND ~ How to fix a roof! :expressionless::<3:wrench::flashlight::electricplug::knife::nutbolt::paperclip::scissors::smoking::smoking::smoking::rolleyes::battery::anchor::triangularruler::telephonereceiver::straightruler::smoking::smoking::smoking:
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    11-16-2020 Monday Live Chat

    Waited up to watch the falling Stars - never even looked up - made a u-turn and back inside I came... brrrrrrr.
  9. Donna K.

    House Rules

    When I was growing up... yeah, do as your told... so we made it our top priority to be out of ear shot. lolol In my house - and I have NEVER understood why why why this went away 'sigh'... Set bed times. For EVERY occasion. All of a sudden there was a Mountain Dew in every grubby little...
  10. Donna K.

    How would YOU react to the discovery/reveal of alien life?

    I'd be a thinkin... come're you little bast**#@! We need to have a talk.
  11. Donna K.

    Pet Peeves

    I'm massively grumpy on a good day BEFORE the covid - but... Bringing my truck back without gas... Offering to help in some way and turning that into a passive aggressive snark fest... and neighbors who call at 8:00 in the morning for no discernible reason... and CONTINUE to do so after I...
  12. Donna K.

    Stand Out Moments

    Hi Lady!
  13. Donna K.

    Life/Stress/Covid Support thread

    Listen... it is INCREDIBLE and truly PITIFUL (if you think on it) that so many are this ignorant. HOLD - STAY - MASKED! It is such a very small small small thing... to do for your neighbors and this country and the world. I am told, by a wise old man, that those who willingly strut and sputter...
  14. Donna K.

    Life/Stress/Covid Support thread

    Spending time on my roof but my thoughts are with you all and the nice comfy fireplace here in Debi's House. 'sigh' Old bones are creaky and grumpy and stuff BUT I ran into this tonight (morning) and it says perfectly what I was thinking... Hang in there Children, you are NOT alone. We have...
  15. Donna K.

    It's all in the name....

    Ain't it! I always said "the Church calls me Witch and The Witch calls me Christian... Umbrella Pagan's just stare at me blankly, new age is not a hunting dog in my world, I never met a Shaman but I met 2 Medicine Men and a Root Doctor... lololol Wiccan though - We Walked together quite well...
  16. Donna K.

    What product...

    If we are living on 'Diet Cherry Pepsi, Aldi's Zero Net Carbs Bread" - I'm eating those cows. Just sayin. lolol
  17. Donna K.

    What product...

    can I say here Tex ~~ it is very nice to hear your voice again. I would miss you most of all scarecrow. :flushed:hmmph... anyway... I had a truly amazing, funny, intelligent, WONDERFUL - Mother-In-Law and this reminded me of her. Millard and Velma. Grandma and Grandpa Kincaid. Kansas wheat...
  18. Donna K.

    What product...

    Can I assume the cows are for eating??? Cause dang Duke... :oops:
  19. Donna K.

    11-6-2020 Friday Live Chat

    Rest well all... Amen