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  1. Brody

    NFL Draft

    How's our sportsball crossover? I am a bit concerned that my Packers used the 12 pick on a guy who had the same wonderlic score as my couch, took plays off, comes in injured and is being asked to switch positions. We salvaged it though by giving up our bread and butter picks to trade up for a...
  2. Brody

    Bigfoot caught on camera in PA woods?

    Bigfoot caught on camera trap in northwestern Pennsylvania
  3. Brody

    ISIS trades gold for an escape route?

    US Frees ISIS Leaders for Stolen Iraqi Gold | Veterans Today | Military Foreign Affairs Policy Journal for Clandestine Services 2nd "source"
  4. Brody

    ISIS trades gold for an escape route?

    US Army Takes 50 Tons of Gold From Syria in Alleged Deal With ISIS As the remaining pockets of ISIS fighters faced imminent defeat in northeast Syria, the United States allegedly gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse: give us your massive caches of gold — or die. According to reports by...
  5. Brody

    Did the FBI plunder Civil War gold from treasure hunters?

    Treasure hunters doubt FBI's word on dig for Civil War gold Surrounded by dozens of stone-faced FBI agents on a frigid winter’s day, Dennis and Kem Parada stared down at the empty hole and knew something wasn’t right. The father-son duo spent years combing this bit of Pennsylvania wilderness...
  6. Brody

    CBS orders Frankenstein detective series....

    CBS orders a 'Frankenstein' drama pilot. Yes, he solves crimes CBS has ordered a drama pilot titled Frankenstein. This latest and very loose adaptation of Mary Shelley’s classic novel follows a San Francisco homicide detective who “is mysteriously brought back to life after being killed in the...
  7. Brody

    Bill Cosby is playing Dr Huxtable in prison for his fellow inmates

    Bill Cosby Is Reportedly Pretending To Be Dr. Cliff Huxtable In Prison According to sources close to Radar Online, the former actor/comedian is acting as Dr. Cliff Huxtable, whom he played on The Cosby Show, and is allegedly treating fellow inmates. “[He] believes he learned a lot about how to...
  8. Brody

    Did CIA investigate Noah's Ark?

    Noah's Ark Expeditions and Sightings Throughout History
  9. Brody

    New movie to offer alternative versions of OJ Simpson murders
  10. Brody

    Did CIA investigate Noah's Ark?

    There's some fascinating (most likely false) stories of people visiting the Ark over the past several hundred years.
  11. Brody

    Ghost pulls object in to spirit world and returns it

    I'd like the lawn gnomes to return my OZ DVDs that recently vanished. And my copy of Misery. And where the hell did Beetlejuice go?!?!
  12. Brody

    DB Cooper - new suspect

    New suspect in D.B. Cooper skyjacking case unearthed by Army data analyst; FBI stays mum
  13. Brody

    ART BELL Thread

    Many times when I turn on the Saturday night "Somewhere In Time" show it seems Art is going on an anti-Democrat slant. I don't know if it was THAT regular of a thing since I didn't really follow politics until around 8 years ago and thus probably tuned this talk out when Art was still on...
  14. Brody

    College Football

    Throw Hornibrook on the pile with Stave and the rest who can't take the Badgers to the Promised Land :(
  15. Brody

    RFK: 50 Years.

    50 years have passed, and we probably have yet to hear the truth about his assassination. There is no tape of the moment he was shot, but audio was being recorded. It seems to play back more gun shots than the assassin, Sirhan Sirhan actually got off. Plus investigators found additional bullet...
  16. Brody

    Ghost Child pic

    Looks cropped in there to me. That or a ghost pic app.
  17. Brody

    Politics Trump is battling robot that is out to end humanity

    Alex Jones: Trump Is Fighting A Computer Program That Has Decided To Kill Humans | Right Wing Watch Jones told Infowars listeners that President Trump is part of an effort to fight against a sentient computer program that has decided to kill all humans. This afternoon, Jones was speaking with...
  18. Brody

    Pro Wrestler comes out as a witness to infamous murders

    New Witness? Man Claims to Have Seen "Boys on the Tracks" Murders Billy Jack Haynes claims to have witnessed one of America's infamous unsolved murders....
  19. Brody

    I read this a few weeks ago. At least some scientists hope it will be enough to counter global warming for a while.
  20. Brody

    Art Bell admits he faked famous radio incidents(?)

    From an Art Bell fan page on Facebook: Quoting Anonymous: "So this is pretty interesting and its buzzing around some of the Art Bell/C2C forums. I heard about it in one of my top secret Art show trading groups. But, recently, Art, and some of his HAM radio buddy's admitted that some of the...