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  1. Fantasio Inferno

    The Lovers card and window to another world dream.

    Many energies have been present for a while now. Intense feelings and intense memories from the life of a higher mind. I've asked for a higher power to answer to me through dreams. And the answer I got was in yesterday's night dream, which I saw a white shirt with The Lovers tarot card...
  2. Fantasio Inferno

    UFO sighting and visions.

    I've been staying a lot outside at nights, for hours. Sometimes till the sunrise. It helps me relax. But also, I've started observing the sky more, and with that there were times for the past few weeks that I would see almost visible blue lights passing by the sky night. Yes, it could be stars...
  3. Fantasio Inferno

    Objects are being magically fixed and put to place.

    I’m quite happy to finally write an experience that’s not sad or too enigmatic. :D. Recently, I’ve been wishing a lot to be able to do things quicker, chores mostly so I can have time to complete other responsibilities that require my attention. It started a few days ago, late night, I was...
  4. Fantasio Inferno

    Message from a different life species.

    Yes, sadly many people aren’t ready to hear about ‘aliens’, and most have not understood the term ‘alien’ correctly, much less want to hear about it. Maybe the message this extraterrestrial wanted to give was meant for a few people who were able to tune in at that time and were open to it’s...
  5. Fantasio Inferno

    Message from a different life species.

    Many people I’ve heard of had similar messages to this. People would change their minds if they could feel the hope the peaceful space beings and inner earth beings have for our future, and how crucial it is for the simple negative things inside each person to change and transform to strengths...
  6. Fantasio Inferno

    Message from a different life species.

    Yes, I agree. But he/she also told me other things that weren’t associated with our planet’s state and weren’t warnings about our behaviors, but I can’t remember any of them mainly because I got into panic mode when he/she told me about this planetary destruction by negativity and woke up...
  7. Fantasio Inferno

    Message from a different life species.

    Hello, the past few weeks, have been intense. There's an energetic transformation happening to some people, some know it, some do not. As a frequent user of my crown and third eye chakra, I had the chance to discover plenty of things through dreams. But lately due to this transformation my third...
  8. Fantasio Inferno

    The Lady With The Glass Body Vision.

    I remember going there through meditation without any expectations, I didn’t even know I would end up meeting such a thrilling being. I just wanted to get away, and in the end this woman, or spirit answered and taught me things I never thought were important for someone’s life to be fully healthy.
  9. Fantasio Inferno

    The Lady With The Glass Body Vision.

    I usually don’t like to share very deep things that include spiritual self and spiritual visions, since most people in my life tend to judge most things I tell them about. But I’ll try to explain this experience of mine. I create stories, or at least try to. I’m still practicing my English, I’m...
  10. Fantasio Inferno

    My experience with Tarot cards.

    In my opinion the sign the cards gave you were not a coincidence, never. I would personally be very intrigued by the pattern of the bloodshot eye in my cards pattern if I had experienced it, the cards as many said in the comments, are not dangerous or summon negative spirits by their own, that...
  11. Fantasio Inferno

    Do dogs,animals or us become stars in the sky after death?

    I’m sorry about your dog, and as to your question if us or pets become stars after death, yes it is very possible and maybe the star you saw was your dog trying to tell you that he’s with you. And to prove my point I have one real story of a young woman who lost her baby daughter. This happened...
  12. Fantasio Inferno

    Video of supposedly real grey aliens

    Yes, we were often told, and still are, by our guides, even higher dimensional aliens as someone would call them, to look inside if we want to find answers, and not listen to outside forces.
  13. Fantasio Inferno

    Flying man or just another balloon?

    That doesn’t really look like a normal balloon to me. Mexico has been reported for lots of weird things regarding to alien incidents as well as plenty of abductions. If this is related to aliens or just a prank, I don’t know. The camera doesn’t show clearly enough. And honestly, that’s no Jesus...
  14. Fantasio Inferno

    My experience with Tarot cards.

    Everything can be solved, never worry .
  15. Fantasio Inferno

    Basic Palmistry

    Palm readings can be great (as long as the person who reads the palm knows how to do palmistry) and it can be great for reading one's life and personality too. The left hand I heard never changes it's lines, very rarely, it's the personality of the person and even their destiny. And the right...
  16. Fantasio Inferno

    Were there Ancient Civilizations we don't know about?

    Yes, very true. But also, many things that were discovered are kept secret to not scare the human species or shake the people up from the trance they’ve put us in, and the many lies we’ve been told about religions and history. Most of the history that’s known to people is only half of the truth.
  17. Fantasio Inferno

    The Truly Bizarre World of encounter with real stick figures

    Maybe it’s not the same hat man I was referring to then. Since there are many different beings, especially shadow ones that look similar but are not.
  18. Fantasio Inferno

    Ouija questions

    Ouija boards were made exactly for the reason of contacting mostly NEGATIVE spirits and rarely ghosts, it should have never been given to the world as a game to play around with. Even the box cover says on it to be careful sometimes cause this thing isn’t a game. It’s clearly warning you...
  19. Fantasio Inferno

    My experience with Tarot cards.

    I’am a huge lover of the arcana and the tarot cards. Honestly, tarot cards are probably one of my favorite ways of reading a person and their life situation, or even what’s going on behind my own back, or understanding what a spiritual guide wants to say. At the start, I was told to never do...
  20. Fantasio Inferno

    The Truly Bizarre World of encounter with real stick figures

    Sadly, for the hat man, I heard nothing more than him doing actual harm to the people who see him instead of just spying. Also, most shadows have no eyes. The hat man was told by many that he was seen having red eyes. So, many believe the hat man is actually something evil, or even a demon...