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    Blade Runner is set now

    I like both, but I like the first one better.
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    Midnight Snack...

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    Getting to know you....

    Witchandshaman, I found this forum by googling paranormal topics. Thanks for the welcome everyone. I appreciate it.
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    8/12 Caption This

    Bigfoot: "How are they going to find me in the woods if they can't even find me in the city."
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    10/8 Caption This

    Deer: "You think this will keep the humans out? I got the human spray and the swatter just in case."
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    9/16 Caption This

    Chicken: "Looks like I'm the only protester that showed up."
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    9/17 Caption This

    I have a feeling we forgot something, but I don't know what.
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    10/16 Caption This

    No one's stealing this ladder.
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    Your go to comfort food?

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    Getting to know you....

    Hi, I recently joined. This looks like a great place.