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  1. Philosophicus

    How to Summon God

    Thanks for the responses, everybody. Thanks for the wisdom. I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful by summoning God. I just thought it made sense as a way to see him/her and have a conversation. I’ll take your advice. I don’t need scientific proof for God—far from it. I’d just like to hear people’s...
  2. Philosophicus

    How to Summon God

    TonyM, How is summoning God going to get me into a world of hurt?
  3. Philosophicus

    How to Summon God

    Duke, I don't think the idea of summoning God is pretentious. If I was God and someone wanted proof of my existence, I would appear---with kindness.
  4. Philosophicus

    How to Summon God

    ozentity, That's a cool story. I was thinking about some things that would make me believe, and a booming thundering voice from the sky was one of them lol. I've prayed before and I've got what I wanted, but I don't know if it was God or just chance. I'm going to stay open to the possibility...
  5. Philosophicus

    How to Summon God

    Debi, Thanks. That's a good answer. I guess I've been looking for scientific proof, but even seeing God in physical form will help. Sometimes weird things will happen, and I'll think aliens are communicating with me. Other people might think it was God, but I think aliens are more likely. I'm...
  6. Philosophicus

    How to Summon God

    Hello. I've been wondering how to get in contact with God if he/she exists. I wanted to get some help. I figured I would summon some spirits or aliens, but I read some posts here about summoning, and they said I shouldn't do it. So I won't. I don't believe in God (or aliens or spirits), but I...
  7. Philosophicus

    New Defense Tech and UFO's

    I’m leaning towards thinking these were alien spacecraft. People have been spotting the white tic tac UFO since the 1950s. I read a story from a man who was on a fishing trip with his uncle in 1975 and saw a tic tac thing rise up out of the water before dawn and fly away. He they it was one of...
  8. Philosophicus

    Chinese UFO

    Yeah, a rocket. The U.S. has launched similar rockets on the west coast near Los Angeles. A celebrity filmed one and tweeted about it thinking it was aliens.
  9. Philosophicus

    UFOs Above The Niagara River

    These UFOs were seen in my hometown above the Niagara River in 2011. It's a good video, and the UFOs look like glowing white orbs or tic tacs that fly around, chase each other, and fly away. I wish I could've been there.
  10. Philosophicus

    Claims of Helicopter shot down by UFO

    Debi, This seems interesting. I was going to say cool, but a helicopter got shot down; so that's not cool. I've heard stories of fighter pilots shooting at UFOs, and the missiles would deflect upward at the last second, and the bullets were absorbed. I've never heard of one firing back or...
  11. Philosophicus

    Debi's Triangle UFO story

    Lynne, I'm glad you liked it!
  12. Philosophicus

    No turning back

    Wind in Tress, I'm not sure I'm a believer in the paranormal yet. I'm interested and think it's a possibility. I'm starting to believe people's alien and UFO stories---more the UFO stories, but the alien stories worry me. I had a similar experience of an object striking my head at a weird time...
  13. Philosophicus

    Conversations in "Sleep Paralysis"

    I told my therapist about it, and he said it was a waking dream, which means I had REM sleep while I was awake. I told him how real it was, and he insisted. It only happened once, but I was scared and confused because nothing like that has ever happened to me before, and I wasn't sure I believed...
  14. Philosophicus

    Why Alien Abductions Happen Only At Night

    I haven't heard of that book before, but I put it in my wish list. I'm going to read it in my Kindle app. It'll probably help desensitize me to my alien anxiety, if not make me a little more scared for awhile. Sometimes I get the feeling that I'm going to get abducted or that I already was, and...
  15. Philosophicus

    Debi's Triangle UFO story

    Debi, I like your UFO story. I probably would be scared too. I've imagined what it would be like if a UFO came at night, and I'd be afraid it would see me too. I'd like to be able to get my video camera, but at 3:00am they would definitely notice me! I'd be the only one outside. There have been...
  16. Philosophicus

    Debi's Triangle UFO story

    Here's an investigation by the New York Post into triangular UFOs. They've got a new series now that started a few weeks ago (this is the third episode). They've actually got a really got photo of one of them, and you can see the body of the aircraft with the three lights and one in the middle...
  17. Philosophicus

    UFO Disclosure...or is it?

    Debi, I'm going to read your UFO story in the sticky thread. I saw it there yesterday. TexDanm, one of the weird things about these UFOs is that people have been seeing them before any human made aircraft were built. People have been seeing that tic tac thing from the History channel since the...
  18. Philosophicus

    Conversations in "Sleep Paralysis"

    Hi, Sioux. I read in a psychology textbook that sleep paralysis happens every night to keep us from hurting ourselves during our sleep, especially REM sleep. The weird thing is, I've woken up in the middle of the night and was still frozen, usually on my back. It felt like a spirit was holding...
  19. Philosophicus

    Getting to know you....

    Thanks for the welcome everybody!
  20. Philosophicus

    Flying man or just another balloon?

    Thanks, Lynne. I haven't been a Christian for awhile, but for some reason the idea of Jesus coming out of the clouds was scary. The guy in this video seemed excited though, which is how we were supposed to be when he came.