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    Name the match ups...

    Pineapple and pizza. Yeah, that's right. See me for the monster I am!
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    6-22-2020 Monday Live Chat Thread

    I don't see why you can't still do both. Opening the chest reveals nothing but quilts and raises no suspicion. The fact that you have the hunting tools hidden in such plain sight makes it all the more mysterious and awesome.
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    Do you smell that?

    The smell of lumber, like walking into Lowe's or Home Depot, always takes me back to my grandfather's garage. He was a carpenter by trade and was always working wood in the garage. When I was a toddler, 3-4 years old, I had a little table and chair in my room that I would sit in to play, draw...
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    The Detectives

    My favorite TV Detective? That's easy, it's the Dark Knight Detective himself; Batman! Of course there are others I like as well. I used to love watching Columbo as a kid. It was a different kind of mystery series as they would show you the murder up front, pre loading you with all the details...
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    Which are you?

    I'm most definitely an introvert. Social gatherings are exhausting and leave me feeling emotionally drained.
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    $ 100 K for one month off grid ?

    Sign me up!! As a natural introvert I'm thriving with this whole social distancing lockdown thing. Spending a month in seclusion would be almost like the perfect vacation.
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    Whatcha cookin'?

    It will be more like brunch as my family has taken to sleeping in now that school is over. Although it's possible that the smell alone will wake them up once I get things going in the morning.
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    Whatcha cookin'?

    I've got a nice chuck roast that I'm using for machaca. With some tortillas, limes, pico de gallo and a little oaxaca cheese makes for some pretty good tacos. I also have a tri-tip sitting in a marinade at the bottom of my fridge that I'm planning to smoke over mesquite. With that I'll make...
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    I remember all my dreams. I used to write them down and try to develop them into short stories. In an old cardboard box somewhere is a stack of notebooks filled with my sci-fi, horror and crime thriller stories. Although a number of those dreams ended up becoming premonitions as I would...
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    Brain teasers and Weekly Readers

    My Mom got me a subscription to Games magazine one year for my Birthday. It was awesome having new puzzles every month. !!Here are my answers, don't read if you're still figuring them out!! For these puzzles I found the Three words. I count fourteen ducks but I'm looking at this on my phone...
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    Yeee haaa!

    As a kid I used to watch shows like Bonanza and the Rifle Man, I even got to see a few episodes of Branded which I really liked. I don't know of too many modern shows that would qualify as true westerns. There is one show however that does come to mind as the embodiment of the attitude, tone and...
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    As a young boy I was out in public with my parents. We got separated and I couldn't find them, I was scared and crying. That's when a real hero appeared and saved me by helping me find my parents. And by "hero" I don't mean in the "there's a hero in all of us" sense, I mean a legitimate comic...
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    Cooking Disasters

    I don't have too many cooking disasters, mostly because I get a little paranoid when I cook and double check everything. I have a reoccurring vision of grabbing the wrong ingredient and serving a nice fresh batch of homemade cuminrolls. However I do have one that happened a few months ago when...
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    Which one?

    Strawberry!! That's an easy one because I don't like grapes or anything made from grapes; grape juice, grape jelly, wine, raisins, none of it.
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    Beard or no beard...that is the question

    I lack the genetics for a beard. The men in my family are not known for their facial hair and I'm certainly not the exception. It was great when I was in the Army because if I didn't have time to shave in the morning then nobody would really notice. As a civilian working in an office job I...
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    The St. Catharines Poltergeist Case

    I would think a police officer today would avoid putting anything paranormal in an official report but this attitude would not have been as strong back a half century ago when this incident took place. This is how it was with pilots once upon a time. Giving a report of witnessing something...
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    Game Time

    My first thought was Tonight, Tonight by Smashing Pumpkins. Although that's "tonight" not "night" so I'll go with Night Train by Guns N Roses.
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    Fascinating. Also a little concerning. The whole concept of Tulpas and Thought Forms has always struck me as a very powerful art which carries with it equally powerful dangers. The story of the Jolly Monk referenced in the article is a perfect example of how things can easily go wrong. I have...
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    When it lands...

    Same here. They got a saying around here that goes "You can't grill if you don't kill it". I'm probably a poor choice for ambassador to a new alien race.
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    Worst hair ever....

    Thinking back I don't really recall having "bad" hair, at most there were some days that I just didn't know what I wanted to do with it. One day in 8th grade I spent about 20 minutes combing it in different ways before just putting a bunch of gel in it and slicking it back. That wasn't what I...