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  1. Rowan2222

    How, or where...

    I met my SO in the Hag and Cauldron - a virtual pub buried in the corner of a pagan website. I would sometimes serve behind the bar as the Elf who ran it was terrible at service and was usually drunk or asleep. She would always bring cake. It was actually very good visualisation practice as you...
  2. Rowan2222

    Ark of the Covenant theory

    It could be, or it might have been removed a long time ago and nobody told about it. The same thing is still happening today with ancient artefacts. If they did find it that would be amazing, but would leave a lot of people bitterly disappointed, and probably end some religions completely...
  3. Rowan2222

    Spooky locations and their origins.

    Here in Scotland we have quite a lot of places that could be considered haunted or at least a little spooky. I used to live over the hill from "Gallows hill", but today there is just a small woodland at the top and is surrounded by fields. In Aberdeen they built a block of flats on "Heading...
  4. Rowan2222

    Haunted Hotel Rooms

    I think The Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles is pretty haunted too as it was the centre of the Elisa Lam case. When I read up on that I saw that a number of people had died there under suspicious circumstances, and was treated as a place to die. One...
  5. Rowan2222

    Name the match ups...

    Ours tend to be thicker, and a rough standard is 10mm square. Used to be wrapped up in newspaper until the newsprint was considered toxic. Now it is still wrapped up in the same size paper, just not printed. Shame as it gave you something to read while you ate your chips. :) When I was in...
  6. Rowan2222

    Mayan Calendar Read Incorrectly

    Anybody see "The last man on earth"? "The year is 2020, one year after a deadly virus has swept the planet, only one man is left on earth: Phil Miller" Premiered on Fox on March 1, 2015 - That seems pretty accurate, and was quite...
  7. Rowan2222

    6-27-2020 Saturday Live Chat Thread

    I was outside sorting out growbags, and a name suddenly popped into my head. That name was Angela Lansbury. As I din't know who she is I had to google it, and found it is the actress in murder she wrote. When I came inside to google it things started falling off shelves. I do hope she is ok.
  8. Rowan2222

    Name the match ups...

    In Scotland we leave some chips to go cold for the next day - and that's a salad. :D
  9. Rowan2222

    Name the match ups...

    Does this count as a premonition?- Received a post card today for my partner as she does post crossing. The system randomly generates people to send cards to, so you never know where they will be coming from. As such she doesn't know this person that the card came from.
  10. Rowan2222

    The 18-Wheeler Driver Mystery

    I like mysteries. There is no way we can know what happened exactly, but I can think of a few reasons. The reason things do not make sense is usually we are missing information, and what we presume is not correct. The facts- He is the driver of the vehicle. No drugs history. He has a family...
  11. Rowan2222

    Name the match ups...

    Bangers and mash. And... Bert & Ernie. First TV gay couple.
  12. Rowan2222

    Dust Storm Alert

    Does look look like the reaper doesn't it? First I heard of it was during a livestream. Doctors saying a dust mask is a good idea. We sometimes get this in the UK, but usually it just comes down with rain. First you know is cars get covered with sand. Ever wondered how your rain gutters get...
  13. Rowan2222

    Classified UFO briefings disturbed senators?

    This could just be drumming up a reason to have a space force patrolling the skies way above us, and a reason to have weapons up there. It follows the same method used to invade Iraq - invent a boogeyman then show the nation we need to go to war with it to remove it. If they are heading down...
  14. Rowan2222

    Possible new particle -physics discovered?

    If dark matter existed, then I would expect it to exist everywhere - including on/ around earth. If they are looking for something with mass because they can see gravitational effects on planets at a distance - and that must be caused by a mass they cannot detect, have the paused to think that...
  15. Rowan2222

    Circular Pits Near Stonehenge

    I saw this too. 10M wide, 5M deep, some distance from the circle itself, took a lot of effort to make -20 or so of these pits, and shows they could at least count...or hold hands. Any suggestions on what they were for?
  16. Rowan2222

    newbie sorta

    The Ouija board may have been the start of problems. Like leaving your front door open you don't know what will come in. I can often locate a place that one has been used in. It leaves something behind. Tombstone looks very old to me, and may have been dug up and just left by the tree. Possibly...
  17. Rowan2222

    Mayan Calendar Read Incorrectly

    If I'm still here after you get raptured...can I have your stuff?
  18. Rowan2222

    Possible new particle -physics discovered?

    Sounds like every other evil genius' hideout.....or Batman.
  19. Rowan2222

    Best and Worst

    Worst purchase was a handmade burger in a restaurant in Liverpool. It was pretty packed that lunchtime and there was a small queue for tables. As I was seated I noticed a girl behind me and asked if she wanted to share the table - which she did. Very expensive burger as 7 years later we divorced...
  20. Rowan2222

    newbie sorta

    Hi Rob, welcome to the site. Sounds like things have moved up a gear recently. The question is why now? maybe you can have a think about anything that may have been moved or something that may have brought bad energy into the house. If you do take photo's during darkness or have poor...