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    Coywolf' Warning in NYC Suburb

    Police are cautioning residents to stay away from a large hybrid coyote that’s been wandering around a New York City suburb.

    The Clarkstown Police Department in Rockland County posted the warning about the "coywolf" -- part coyote, part wolf — on Facebook, along with a photo, early Monday after the creature was seen near Congers.

    The “coywolf” is larger than most coyotes - up to 75 pounds. They have different coloring, with more gray in their coats, and live across the northeast, from New Jersey to Maine.

    Experts say people who encounter a coywolf should make a lot of noise and wave their arms to make themselves seem bigger. Don't feed the animals or feed pets or other animals outside, even if it's just birds. Encourage neighbors to avoid feeding wildlife, and keep cats indoors if concerned.

    Clarkstown police say they would summon a licensed trapper or even shoot the animal if it were acting aggressively. Otherwise, it will likely just go back into the woods. - Beware the Coywolf: Cops Warn of Hybrid Creature Sighting in New York City Suburb
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    Carry milk bones :D

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